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"I have been training in Clissold Park with Dave for just over a year now. Within the first six months I lost over a stone, dropped two dress sizes and my blood pressure went from being high to healthy. Regular exercise means that I sleep better and have more energy.

But the biggest surprise for me is how much I enjoy it - after 37 years of avoiding exercise, I actually look forward to it! Each session is different, fun and challenging. I'm really proud of what, with Dave, I have achieved and can't believe exercise has become such a regular part of my life"

Rebecca Atherfold, 37, Stoke Newington N16 

 "I love my sessions with Dave. No matter how I feel at the start, I always feel better at the end. The fresh air, the run around, even the muscle burn eventually feels invigorating. I like that the sessions aren't gimmicky or about fad exercises, but focus on building strength, stamina and fitness that will last. Plus Dave is an interesting guy with a sense of humour - he's no gym monkey" 

Clare McQuillan, 29, Stoke Newington N16

"Dave is about as approachable, sociable and easy going as personal trainers get. But don't be fooled, he's a great motivator and will get the best out of anyone. Luckily, he never makes this feel like it's a chore, he adapts to his clients whatever their needs, he is consistent, reliable and always makes sure he covers a good balance of exercises. Invariably I leave his sessions feeling a whole lot better about the world"

Tom Whitrow, 37, Hackney Downs E5

"When I moved to North London, I really struggled to fit visits to the leisure centre into my busy schedule. Then I found Dave training in Clissold Park and I've never looked back. I'm up with the lark, come rain or shine and have a fantastic workout before my working day has begun. Training with Dave makes me feel fitter, more alert and alive than all those years I spent at the gym. And you get quality chat too!"

Philip Dundas, 46, Highbury N5

"I noticed Dave training with a couple in Clissold Park and asked if he'd be interested in helping a slightly tubby fortysomething get into shape. He gave me a free session, some warm words of encouragement and an almost instant sense of belief - I honestly haven't felt this good in years - highly recommended"

Stephanie Lewis, Finsbury Park N5 

"I couldn't ask more of a Personal Trainer, even on those miserable days when I just can't be bothered, he has the patience and humour to bring out the best in me. It's like having your very own Mr Motivator" 

Janet Mintowt, 51, Millfields 

 "In the four months I worked with Dave I lost over 5 Kilos while cutting my body fat percentage and increasing skeletal muscle significantly. But these stats tell only half the story; I felt more energised, my concentration levels improved at work and my clothes looked better on me. I attribute this success to two things. Firstly, Dave has expertise in exercise AND nutrition. This was important because I needed help in both areas to turn myself around. Secondly, his regimes are manageable. The problem I always had in the past was I would be too extreme in my diets and workouts and inevitably this meant I wouldn't stick with them. 

With Dave, I trained 2-3 times a week and saw real results. This helped build my self-confidence as I knew what I was doing was actually having some effect" 

Henry Li, Hong Kong expat

"Dave works me hard - sometimes very hard - but he always knows my limits. I'm a member of a gym but haven't been for a while - I seem to get so much more out of Dave's sessions" 

Tom Barratt, 32, Newington Green