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Personal Training 

If you're reading this, it can only mean one thing - you want to get in shape. Maybe you just want to lose a little weight or perhaps you're desperate to break three hours in the London Marathon. The bottom line is we're all different and we all have our own targets, which is why hiring a personal trainer can be such a sound investment. 

There are lots of trainers out there, so what makes me so special? Well, I have the qualifications and experience to help you reach your goals. But the best personal training is about developing relationships and keeping sessions enjoyable. So with me, the accent is as much on the personality as it is on the training. 

Why not 'try before you buy'? I offer a consultation and first session free, with no obligation to come back, which is why I'll do my utmost to keep you motivated and keen to return. 

Training with a friend or two 

These sessions are ideal for folk who don't fancy shelling out for personal training but would still like to work to a structured, progressive programme. 


More results-driven than a circuit class or a bootcamp, these small groups allow us to concentrate on key areas for improvement; weight loss or increased stamina for example.




I currently work with four twosomes and three threesomes. Try saying that after 50 press-ups and a few squat thrusts.